Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am so happy to give you an update to this post. I went in the hospital early in the morning to do my 3-hour glucose tolerance test. I went in with the fantasy that they would polk my finger 3 or 4 times. Those jokers needed serious blood samples. I hoped I wouldn't cry and I didn't. My veins are easy to find if you know what you are doing, and those ladies did. Only once one of them had to dance around to find the vein but she asked for help and the other nurse quickly found it. That was the only stressful moment that morning. 
Another misconception I had was that they wouldn't give me the sugar solution drink but they did. Once they did give it to me, I hoped I wouldn't get sick and thank God I didn't. Then I sat there thinking they would give me 3 more bottles but they just gave me one. Apparently, they didn't expect me to drink it so quickly (they give you 5 minutes) but I did. I heard that many people get bored sitting there for all that time but because this is so differently from my normal routine, it was actually nice to sit in an airconditioned room watching TV and doing the social media thing. I also realized that not burning calories would make my tolerance to the 3 hours better. I did get groceries before the last blood sample and that worked out fine. 
I'm glad I passed it. I'm thankful for not having gestational diabetes. I know people who had it and they did well during their pregnancies with beautiful babies as a result.
I had a great doctor's visit as well on almost 31 weeks. God is good and we are moving right along. Everyone gets tested for gestational diabetes. If you would like more info, read more on Glucose Tolerance Tests here. Have an awesome weekend!
Wendy said...

Glad to hear you passed your glucose test! It is fun to read your updates! 31 will be here before you know it :)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you passed the glucose test :) You have an awesome blog !! So excited to now be following you and reading your posts !!

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Glad that you passed the test! I had to do that once and it is a HARD test to endure. You are right--it's not a simple finger poke -- it's a donation!!