Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Festivities

Last weekend we attended an Afro-Caribbean festival in town. We loved it! It was our second time going, first time with kids. It was really hot by the time we got out there but the things is so small we just walked around, met a friend, bought a thing or two and got pictures to prove it. We live in an area of the country where we are in the 3% (or less?) minority, so just to see people who look like us is awesome. The cultural part of the event is fun and get to buy cool and unique stuff. We decided to go with a light stroller for LP and I kept Z Girl in the Moby. It like to carry my children til the next smaller one comes along or they get too heavy for carrying. The Moby really helped us to get through the festival and it kept Z Girl protected and close to me. Here are a few photos of the things we saw:

• Sunday we dedicated our daughter to the Lord Jesus. Having God's blessing over our daughter is highly important to us as parents. Jesus was dedicated as a child, I believe that's where this tradition comes from. Growing up in Brasil babies got dedicated the first time they went to church, usually during Sunday School. The tradition of our current church is to let children make the decision to get baptized themselves, so I'm praying for my kids already. Having my mom there to stand with us was a blessing. Our family is far away so we treasure to have them for special occasions such as this. Z Girl is wearing a dress my mom brought from Brazil. I think she looked really cute, what do you think? I love my Z Girl. Lately I noticed that she responds differently to me than to anyone else. I'm mamãe, we have that established already. 

• The Nursing post got a lot of buzz last week. My previous experience with nursing did too. I will write a follow up as soon as I have more things going on. The feedback I get is very interesting so please, keep them coming! An awesome week to everyone!


Riema's Journey said...

Yes, she is so pretty. It is so fun to dress them up. Have a great week!

redmenace said...

She is adorable! Congratulations!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thank you girls!

Stacie said...

I always loved the moby - it was the only carrier than ever really worked for me!