What Summer Feels Like

Monday, May 30, 2011

I decided to tell you why I like summer so much by sharing a few thoughts on food, friendship and family.
It's no longer cold. I see summer produce everywhere. Last year my neighbors gave us a lot of squash, so we came up with this side dish. 
Summer Veggies
You basically throw a little EVOO with garlic, peppers and onions, then add the squash and the additional seasoning. The taste of summer is simply divine. 
Summers are also a great time to go to one of my favorite local coffee shops. This is my friend Amanda and I drinking an expresso there last month. I assume that because it's not incredibly cold outside, I have more freedom to sit in beautiful places like this. This place reminds me of friendships because I've been here with friends for beautiful celebrations. Summer is a time to celebrate those who love us for who we are, no matter the distance, no matter how much time has passed by.
Amanda and I by Vinicius Pereira
No matter the season you will find me caring for my precious children: feeding one while the other is doing something nearby. I treasure our moments together because they are growing so fast in front of my eyes. She started walking at 9 months. He turned 2 and is not turning back. Our plan is to enjoy the things we can do in the summer only, such as eat lots of summer fruit, enjoy the great outdoors and swim.
Mother's day 2011 by Amanda V. Pereira
Old & New Horizons
I heard a wise person say that children join your life. This is exactly what these two have done. They joined us in all the awesome things we were already doing. It means a lot to continue to sing, work, run and have them come along with us. Of course I have entered a new world as the mother in me was born. It's been a great blessing to introduce these two to the things that are important to us. My world has not closed in because I have children, it has in fact expanded. Summer is the time to create new memories together.
Welcome to my world kids! First 5K of 2011 by Stina Sieg
The Love of my life and I in 2009
Real Love
I've been thinking about writing a post from the wife's perspective on the first 5 years of marriage. We often hear about what we are doing wrong with scary stats that provoke us to action. We hardly hear what we are doing right, encouraging us to go on loving. Summer reminds me of commitment. While many are looking for that perfect summer love story, I found a love greater than any season of the year. He makes my every day sweeter, every dream attainable, every difficulty filled with hope. The reality is, summers have always been my favorite season but with him, they have become incredible. Whether we are planting a garden on our backyard or looking at the Monalisa in Paris, I love being with him because I belong to him. Summer is my favorite season of the year. What about yours?
Amanda said...

Amo estas fotos! Obrigada pelos créditos. Como não sou uma local, pela minha roupa as pessoas podem duvidar se é verão mesmo! Ótimo post. Beijos