Living Without Excuses: Health

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A year ago I was thinking about my health. This year I am trying not to make excuses about putting my health first. How many times have I failed and succeeded in diets? Many. I remember how proud I was of the times I lost a gazillion pounds and looked 'really good.' Then I slipped back into my old ways. How many times did I have the same story: January 1st comes along, I change, then a few months later I am back at my old habits. I think I tried (and failed) 10 timesThe Excuse-Free Life says: you only live your life once and you will do it in optimum health. Enough of starting and stopping: this time you will find something that works for you. Living without excuses means you look back over your life and discover what didn't work so you avoid it. It means you find something that works for you, for you are your own expert. It means you ask for help along the way. You get encouragement and keep focused on your goal of living life with purpose. 

Because of my old lifestyle, High Blood Pressure had a great excuse to 'happen' to me. I have family history but I made my schedule, I did that to myself (extra stress). I'm the one who made all the food choices by purchasing it, chewing it and gaining the weight.
I arrived at a point in my life where I chose the Excuse-Free Life because the opposite would lead to poor health. I don't want to wait til I get bad news from doctors. I did that once (with the high blood pressure episode) and it was not fun. I am thinking about those 10 times I dieted, failed and started all over again. What's more important than enjoying top quality of life? The Excuse-Free Life is a life of purpose. I am determined to enjoy optimum health.