Fitness Party Poopers

Monday, October 10, 2011

an illustration of winners of races and me,
the person whose goal is to finish it strong.
We've been in Texas for close to two months and it's time to plan my fitness goals more aggressively. While I was in transition, my goals were to:
1. Maintain my weight - which with God's help I did;
2. Remain fit - with God's help I did.
You won't believe how much indirect discouragement I got. Here are the top ones: 
• Running in Houston is not safe;

• It will mess up your knees; 
• It's too hot to run outside;
• Houston is flat, your training won't be no good.

Please notice that all of these indirect discouragements came from non-runners. 
In my search to stay encouraged and fit, I try to focus on clear goals (see who my sponsors are) and make sure that I take small but concise steps. 
For the past 2 months I have learned not to extend myself over my reach. Transitions are difficult and adding stress to this journey is the recipe to fail. My goal is to challenge myself and keep this journey fun and enjoyable. Don't pay attention to any indirect discouragement that may come your way today but establish and reach your goals. Have an amazing day!
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