The Generational Gap in Women's Ministry

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Young mothers live in a different world than most Women’s Ministry leaders knew in their early motherhood years. Hours after giving birth, they are posting photos on Facebook and streaming live video of newborn babies to family all over the world. With so many ways of making instant communication available, churches can still be relevant and very instrumental in providing spiritual guidance, mentoring and providing for the physical needs of young women.
Other women are not getting married early but are pursuing their career and serving God. How can Women's Ministry benefit from their youthful energy and passion for God while instilling experience and maturity? My suggestion is that prayer, mentoring and serving will bring women of different generations together. I am curious to hear about successful models out there.
• I wonder if you have noticed the generational gap in your church's Women's Ministry. Do you have any suggestions to close the gap?
LifenotesEncouragement said...

this is an excellent post and something i have noticed myself.
i am now in the middle group - i relate more to the younger women and their issues but i'm not quite a member of the gray haired set. i find the older women are stubborn - they're holding on to the way things were instead of adjusting to the way things are. for example - at my church the womens group comprised of 2 older women still insist on meeting on a thursday morning at 11 am for prayer. this may have worked in the past when more women were at home but it does not work now, even if you're a SAHM - but church leadership has not been able to get them to bend. this is just one example.
you can probably gather that we dont have a vibrant womens ministry; i've been praying about this for some time.

Digital Mom said...

I will say the women's ministry at our church is really trying to embrace Facebook and connecting moms there via a private group. This is essential in women's ministry if they want the 20-30's to be involved - even the 40-50's get Facebook now..

I do think there needs to be more though in regards to reaching the younger. While I NEED to be a better connector with our women's ministry gals - I do know that with the size that our church has become and the number of 20-30's in service but not in women's ministry circles - there is something being missed. But again, until I step up and do something to help, I can't complain because I love our church.

I do know a big problem we have is growing pains, but it's a big good problem that a BIG Guy can help us solve!

Cintia Listenbee said...

Nylse, thanks for always contributing. I'm glad you've been praying about the issues.
Molly, I notice the same thing: a lot of women come to service but only a part are involved in the ministry. I agree, God will help you guys work things out for your good :)

Rachelle Wooten said...

I agree with what Molly and Nylse wrote. As a result, I think the new model for women's ministries will be more relational and coach-like. I think that 20 and 30 year old group want support that's authentic and accessible "just in time". If we don't adapt soon they will turn to other options. Simply we must live Titus 2:3-5.

Cintia Listenbee said...

adaptation, I like that.