1,096 Days of Motherhood

Monday, April 23, 2012

As I approach my 1,096 days of motherhood, I am keenly aware of the importance of the work involved in being a mother. These past 3 years have been the most challenging I have ever experienced in life. Unlike my Master's Degree, Motherhood came with no orientation or manual books. Once the Mom Fog lifted, I was able to somehow make more sense of my new life as I rejoined this big world with a baby in my Moby Wrap. 
If we break down my 1,096 Days of Motherhood in years, here's what I learned for sure:

Day 365 - I just went through the most intense year of my life! This child went from having no teeth or eyebrowns to moving around on his own and eating grown folk food. His personality is well developed and I can tell he's totally in love with his father. By the grace of God I have nurtured, delivered and raised a human being during his first year of life. Have I mentioned I'm pregnant and delivering again in 3 months?
Day 730 - A week after my first born learned to walk I delivered my second child. Yes, there is enough love for two and it can be done. I believe the questions I was asked the most was "are you insane?" The answer is no, we really, really want all our kids. It may seem like a lot of work to you but for us, it's life abundant.

Day 1,096 - I have officially experienced long days and short years. As I approach my third year of motherhood I am thankful for the constant thing in this journey: change. When I first bring my kids to the hospital you think they'll always be on number 1 diapers but humans have an amazing way of changing. I have the most fun paying attention to their little faces so I can enjoy the changes they go through. In two months we are welcoming another child to our family and the journey continues. I get to go through the Mom Fog again but this time I am assured that things change, children grow and somehow there's so much joy in this season. I'm often reminded of it through the laughs that fill my house and my heart. 

• What are the lessons you learned in your first 1,096 Days of Motherhood?