How to Invest in your Marriage during Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas can be a great time to invest in marriage. When I see the happiness this season brings, I am encouraged to remind my husband of how thankful I am for our marriage and the growth that happened in us this year. You can get very creative such as looking at old photos as well as creating new traditions between you and your spouse.

Looking at our past Christmases together can bring great inspiration. Remembering how Christmas used to be before kids is actually fun: 
This is a photo of my first Christmas with Zeke. We were dating and when he gave me my first Christmas tree - among other awesome gifts. 
When we got married in 2006, we kept celebrating the season. We always decorated our place with lights, a tree and we gave gifts to each other. We used to go to friend's homes to eat the Christmas meal, which was really enjoyable. Here's a photo of our Mississippi wedding - and yes, that chocolate cake tasted REALLY good!
We were also blessed to spend Christmas in Brasil before having kids. We went to Copacabana beach on Christmas day, which my husband really enjoyed. This photo is of another sunny beach in Cabo Frio. By going to Brasil he had a chance to see how I grew up celebrating the season. 
I spent some Christmas holidays with his family as well and got to experience some of their traditions. No matter where we have been these past 9 years, we have been celebrating Christ with family. Here's our North Carolina home decorated for Christmas a few years ago.
Zeke and I always longed for a full house of our own for Christmas. God has blessed us with that this year. Today I am thinking that Christmas can't be all about the kids. As we celebrate Jesus the Savior, we thank God for the many blessings we enjoy such as our marriage.  
I do believe that I can honor God by being appreciative of the gift He gave me in my husband. I believe that writing my husband a Christmas letter expressing my love and gratitude can be a great Christmas tradition. I challenge you to invest in your marriage this season, whether is through an extra date night or another creative way to remind your spouse that he or she is loved and treasured.
QUESTION • What is that one special Christmas tradition you have (or will start) that can strengthen your marriage?
Mario Henriques said...

Muito legal sua ideia! As pessoas estão perdendo o sentido de "viver em família" e deixam de aproveitar os momentos que estão juntos para compartilhar coisas boas. Parabéns pelo texto!