Friday, February 15, 2013

Breaking up with the Phony Life

My life sure isn't perfect. My husband and I have disagreements. My kids' behavior isn't ideal at times. I have many bad days - hair and mood included. My life sure isn't perfect but it is authentic. 
I don't know about you but I often battle against living a phony life. This would be a life where appearances matter the most. A life where the natural processes of life such as temper tantrums in toddlers are seen as unacceptable. Mistakes are not tolerated, especially if they deter the ability to fit into "the mold." Thank God I am reminded in Scripture that I am an authentic human being. Even better than that, I have nothing to prove. It was for freedom (from the mold) that Christ has set me free. I no longer have the need to surrender to the yokes that bind me to a phony life. 
Being phony is tempting but authenticity is lasting. I can't get away from who God made me to be, that's why it's wise to stick with who I am. 
If you ever see me lose my temper (and apologize of course), I am being real. If my kids are picking their noses, they're being normal toddlers. If I miss the biggest event of the year, I am not trying to fit into the mold. You see, I have nothing to prove and living a phony life is exhausting. 
Today I am free to be authentic.
QUESTION • Do you struggle to living a phony life? How so?