Role Models, New and Improved

Friday, February 22, 2013

Who can be defined as a Role Model? Many people can fit in this wonderful category.  I try to only label people who in my opinion, fit the following categories:
De Facto - Role Models are real people who live real lives. They are touchable. You can call them and ask them what kind of day they are having. They will tell you about their hardships and triumphs. They will be able to give you wisdom because they are living solid lives. 
Reputation - they are honorable. They are honest. Fame didn't give them these attributes but the very lives they lived in front of others. They chose to do the right thing, they learned from their mistakes and their character is the aggregate of living a genuine life.  
Imperfect - real Role Models don't hide their flaws because being deficient in an area makes them even more authentic. These flaws also make them sensible to others. Their flaws give them compassion and remind them of their humanity. There is something to be said about a person who does not hide their flaws but chooses to live without masks, always seeking to mature and grow.
Conquerors - they have won battles and defeated enemies. Whether it was a battle to gain self-discipline or a fight to provide for their families, real Role Models have honorable scars. Simply gaining fame does not mean you are a victor. Conquerors are those who have chosen to fight the good fight of faith. They set themselves apart to fight and overcome at the end.

QUESTION: Can you think of someone who fits in these 3 categories?
Lu Windsor said...

Obrigada pelas dicas. Vou me empenhar no aprendizado do ingles. Acho que preciso ter disciplina.
Gosto muito do seu blog e acompanho sempre que posso. Vc tem umafamilia linda e abencoada. Parabens e Obrigada mais uma vez.
Luciana ( Windsor-Canada)