Hello 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014. I'm looking forward to seeing you. 2013 was a year of learning, persistence and discipline. I found my Sweet Spot and I learned the challenges of staying there. I invested a lot of time to my health. I learned that writing things down in my food journal has proven good to me. I became quite the husbancentric woman this year. This is something I hope to carry on to 2014. I learned that bad days happen to good people more times than I care to remember. I learned about the prayer of compassion this year. I am happy to continue this journey with God. I started my marathon journey this year. I can't hardly wait to finish it in a few weeks. I learned how to deal with unwelcome opinions. I am also thankful that for the first time in a few years I was able to stand up for myself and refuse to fit the mold. There is power in the "before." I honestly feel that 2013 felt like a big Before at times. My motherhood journey has taken me to old places but with a new perspective. 2013 was also the year I was very mindful of my social media use. I realize I'm a flashlight.This year was also one of reflection. I thought about paying my own ticket through life. My amazing husband and I celebrated 10 years together. My family is still grieving the loss of both my paternal and maternal grandmothers. I experienced so much in 1 year I wrote 13 lessons about it. Running was a life giver this year. I reflected on how my running career began. This year had many highlights but my eyes were mostly turned to the lowlights. Through it all God has been amazingly faithful. I am thankful for seeing my children grow, change and bring us constant joy.
I welcome the newness of 2014 knowing that God has some amazing gems hidden in every high, low and level ground. Happy new year my dear reader. May you be open to the goodness of God in 2014. 

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