Simplify Christmas: Recap

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We've been talking about Christmas for quite a long time and next week we will celebrate it! I hope you have enjoyed this series. Christmas is such an unique season. I am mindful that we celebrate it once a year, so I am making sure that we do the unique things this season brings. My family has attended The Walk to Bethlehem which was an interactive way to experience Christ's Birth. Instead of letting my kids watch their favorite shows, we have been watching cartoons about Jesus' Birth. One thing we did not expect but we also did this season was to move to a new house. The move has taught me that the best way to experience this season is to focus on what's important and to simplify. However you celebrate Christmas, I pray that the ideas presented in this series have helped you to enjoy the process thus far. Please let me know which episode was your favorite and in which ways you simplified Christmas. Have a great day! 

The Mind