The Week in Instagram Pictures and Words

Friday, December 20, 2013

I really miss being in Rio this time of year for many reasons including the fantastic Summer time weather. Tuesday was a great weather day there and a bitter cold weather day in Texas. My sister told me she'd switch cities with me. Ha! 
My most challenging runs are the short ones. This week God blessed me with the company of a Boston qualified running buddy who encouraged me and helped me so much. Thank God for good people out there who are available to pour out their wisdom and encouragement. 
Apparently the Houston Marathon believes in me more than I believe in myself. Check out the awesome Corral Assignment. I don't know anyone I've been training with who will be there so I will certainly running my own race. 
I attended two church staff parties this week and they were super fun. It's an honor to serve with these heroes. 
I volunteered in my daughter's Mothers Day Out Christmas Party for the first time this week. She was so excited and all the kids had fun. I was the storyteller. I was impressed that the kids really paid attention and participated in every activity. Gotta love little kids. I sneaked a picture of my son who was also having lots of fun in his class' party. We're now on break for a couple of weeks. Let the seasonal festivities officially begin!
jaime said...

SUCH a good week! I love looking back at my Instagram photos for a week. They're generally fairly positive, even I'm going through a really tough time. :)