Motherhood and Servanthood: an Intensive Course

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I have always admired mothers whether they work or stay at home. The past 3 weeks have been quite the intense course in all things Motherhood and Servanthood. I was blessed to be an assistant teacher at a local kids camp. My kids were there with me, which was another great blessing. 
I love camp!
This blessing also meant packing extra clothes and lunch for all of us. It was quite the learning experience! I learned that no matter how tired I was, I needed to prep (clothes, food, diapers, etc) in order to have a successful week. Failing to prepare meant preparing to fail.
Last day of camp! God is great to us.
I also realized that my choice to eat mostly fresh foods contributed to the kind of food prep I needed to do. Although we enjoyed our share fare of processed foods we always had something fresh (mostly fruits) in the mix.
Last day celebration: award winning bbq from Tejas Cookers
Once I got everyone ready to go I'd often forget about myself. I quickly realized that drinking lots of water (at least 48 oz) and eating fresh food (my usual rice, beans and veggies) was the best way to have energy throughout the day. 
I enjoyed going to the pool several times a week.
I am also thankful that all the weekly outings for the kids were already planned. We did so many fun things together! The kids became very water savvy as well as great skaters and bowlers. My intensive class this summer has been in servanthood (I may give you more details in a later post). These 3 weeks were my time to practice serving as Christ intended me to serve others (through love). I thought I was going to flunk the class several times but thank God for new mercies, friends who prayed for me and who helped me stay accountable to the God I serve.
I'm excited that we still have a lot of summer left to enjoy. I'm also excited to have extended time in the morning to sleep (ha!) and run longer.
I pray for moms who work all the time (which all of us do!). I pray that God will give you the strength and wisdom you need to balance work and family. I pray that you have faithful friends who can help you renew your strength and hope. I pray that you know that your labor is not in vain and that every time God looks at you He says "well done Beautiful one!"