Chicago Marathon Training Week 4

Monday, July 28, 2014

I am 75 days away from successfully finishing the Chicago Marathon friends! The Houston Marathon is 173 days away. I am thankful to God for my marathon journey this far. It hasn't been easy running in the heat of the summer but thanks to my husband (who supports, funds, watches the kids and reassures me I should keep running) I've been able to train successfully. Last week's long run was 13 miles. I started way before sunrise, which was so smart. I tagged along with a friend and that made a world of difference. It was refreshing (literally) to run with someone else even if just for 30 minutes. I appreciate the friends who run with me and encourage me. I was happy with an average of 11:29 per mile due to the heat and other conditions. The plan for now is to pile the miles until this heat lifts. I am also trying to stay hydrated as well as on top of my nutrition. 
Thankful to God for my daughter's 4th Birthday
Yesterday I kept my tradition of running 1 mile per birthday my children celebrate so I had a happy 4-miler. I'm still wondering what I'm gonna do when they turn 27 and I turn 61. I might start driving the miles to happy places instead of trying to do an ultra. We'll see!
Last week I learned that planning and executing my runs is a must if I want to be ready for Chicago. The marathon is in 10 weeks and 6 days and I am spending a lot of time planning as well as praying. Praying that I will reach my goal. Praying that all my needs will be met along the way. I also pray that I learn the lessons divinely placed in this season of my life. 
People often ask about my weight loss. I took me around 2 years to lose 50 lbs and I am still losing. I have a racing weight I am trying to reach. It's not for vanity, it's for sanity and for the fact that when I'm leaner I easily race. 
I am trying not to obsess about my weight. Case and point: I enjoyed my daughter's birthday cake as well as the healthy treats we had at the party. This morning we joyfully shared the sugar with my husband's coworkers and we're right on track with nutrition and hydration. I don't know everything but I am an expert in my own life. I practice self-forgiveness as well as learning from my many mistakes. I believe that with God's help Chicago will be a great race. 
Another thing I'm learning this time around is to practice what works for me. I'm surrounded by runners training for different events and everyone is passionate about their method. I listen, encourage and try not to compare myself with them. I love people's passion for fitness. I also know that sticking with what works for me as far as training and nutrition is the only way I'll run Chicago with peace of mind. I do take advice from experienced runners often, I just don't thing that drastically changing what works for me with 2 and a half months to go is smart. 
Thanks for reading my weekly Marathon training post friends! I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. I wonder if you have difficulties when you compare yourself to other runners. How do you overcome that?
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KW said...

Of course you will be running 27 miles at 61, because you rock!

ADRY CUNHA said...

Esse ano vou fazer a meia maratona no dia 07 de setembro!!
Estou muito nervosa já pois não estou conseguindo treinar direito!!