The only Book that revolutionized my life

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I had no choice but to love the Bible. My grandmothers taught me everything they knew through word and song. My mother quoted proverbs in such a way that I thought she came up with that beautiful poetry. My father magnificently expounded the historical background of his Sunday sermons. I had no choice but to love the Book they lived. When I had my choice I would read other things, practice playing my guitar and write on my diaries. Still, those Words of Life were living inside of me like seeds being watered. I can now see that my family as well as my Sunday School teachers contributed to the foundation knowledge I have. Everyone watered and cared for the seed of the Word. You see, I had no choice but to love the Seed that grows deep. Even in my hopelessness, I could reach in and find true nurture. Jesus was not joking when He said that He, the Word, is real food and real drink. It has been part of my upbringing to see the Bible as an adventurous journey. I always want to love the only Book that has revolutionized my life. So friends, I can’t have a religious relationship with it. It needs to be spiritual, life giving, surprising and super exciting. I find in my Bible the comfort for sleepless nights. The foundation when I don’t understand the many ‘whys.’ I find an endless source of wisdom and believe it or not, entertainment. I am currently enjoying the many adventures of people who have as many issues as I do. They are funny, they are hard headed, they are human. It is through the amazing Bible that I get to know the heart of a God who chose to love us and rescue us from our many shortcomings. I have no choice but to love the only Book that can precisely lead me to an abundant life on earth and an eternal life with the God I gladly worship. I don’t know everything about the Bible. My heart is not to be a walking encyclopedia, but to know enough to live the life Jesus died to give me and my heirs. I have no choice but to keep my nose in the Bible. If I keep my nose there, I will learn so many great things. I have no choice but to love the Bible and my prayer and heart is to pass this love to my children. I hope they love the Bible way more than I do. 

 * On a personal note, I have been blessed to serve as the Tuesday Night Coordinator for Merry Ministries. Merry Ministries is an Interdenominational Bible Study that meets weekly to learn the Bible in a clear, accurate and practical manner. If you are a local woman, please join us this Fall. If you are far away but want to grow in your love and understanding of the Word of God, listen or watch the messages in our archives.