Chicago Marathon Training Week 3

Monday, July 21, 2014

I have learned an amazing lesson about balancing running with life these past few weeks. I have been working at a kids summer camp. Working and getting my training in is challenging but thank God it has been possible. I have said many times that my family is my priority and running just has to fit after my family is cared for. Here are their happy faces during pajama day at camp:
Family before running. Always.
Last week we had the honor of a visit from our dear friends from North Carolina. They fit in a run with us in their schedule and we were super excited about that. The humidity was no joke but they are pros and rocked that run. I even added some extra miles to the run (ops!) but it's all good.
Friends make life richer!
Another challenge we have is how to fit our Saturday morning runs while having someone to care for the kids. I've been praying and God has blessed us with some paid help. Last week we couldn't fit the fee in our budget so I stayed with the kids while my husband ran. I can't remember when was the last time I stayed at home on a Saturday morning. I made everyone breakfast and enjoyed getting ahead with house work. When Zeke got back he brought our running group shirts for the year. They made a mistake but it's all good: 
It's supposed to be one word :)
Because I couldn't fit my long run Saturday morning, I ran Sunday night. I felt great for the first 11 miles. The last one almost made me give up on running all together. One more experience under my belt. The humidity got to me at the very end. I learned that I really need to stick morning runs. I pray that this week God will help me fit it in a morning run. I also learned that I need to have extra nutrition just in case. I'm a fan of pretzels at the end of my long runs so I'm gonna have to start practicing with it now rather than later. I also learned to get a good check of my body and mind during long runs. My mind was strong til the very end: the negative thoughts came when I was at home stretching.
I believe that big decisions should not be made after a bad run. I am thankful for the experience I gained and I am thankful for one more long run in my pocket. I will be crossing the finish line of the Chicago Marathon in 82 days. Let the build up continue! I appreciate your prayers and encouragement friends. Training is not always easy, as a matter of fact, it's the most challenging thing about running marathon. I can do it through Christ who gives me strength.
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Lauren said...

Long runs in this Houston heat can be killer. Way to stick it out! And your kids look too cute in their PJ's for camp!

ErikaRichie said...

Your perseverance is an inspiration! Keep up the good work :)

KW said...

The training this summer has just been...well UGH is the best way I can put it. I was thankful that it wasn't too bad this past weekend.

Cintia Listenbee said...

thank you dear friends!