Chicago Marathon Training Week 7

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's so good to be back home! I completed my long run yesterday and I'm back at focusing in training because I'll be crossing that finish line in 54 short days. I have 7 training runs and then it will be time to run 26.2 strong miles. I'm so excited about getting that medal. And the t-shirt. And the swag. Running perks are many but my favorite right now is the sense of accomplishment after my training. 
Coming back from vacation I noticed that the hills I often run in my area were so easy I didn't even noticed I was running them until I was on the other side. This means I will schedule 7 hill training runs in the following weeks. I am also going to get serious about cross training but focusing on strengthening my core muscles. My challenge to stick with my cross training plan. The advantage is: strong muscles before during and after the marathon.
I ran in two neighborhoods for my short runs last week. I learned that Google Maps is a great help to find parks with actual walking trails. I also learned that hilly neighborhoods can be lots of fun for my muscles. I set my mind to stay out and run for a certain amount of time and just to accomplish that was a big deal. Finding creative ways to stay active pays off.
Although I enjoy counting down to events, I can get quite overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me. I heard someone (in some podcast) say that it's important to focus on the one run in front of you. It's counter productive to worry about tomorrow and weeks from now. Focusing on the present is wise so that's what I am trying to do.
On a funny note, I won't be the only runner running my second marathon in Chicago. Bekele, a super star runner from Ethiopia, will be running his second marathon ever as well. I bet he'll either win or have a spot in the podium. Other than both of us having only one marathon in our pocket, the other similarity we share is that "a mile is a mile." No matter if you're an elite athlete or a regular person such as myself, we all run the same mile. That's plenty reason to celebrate! 
I appreciate your love and support. My challenge for this week is to have a rocking cross fit week as well as another great long run next week. I will give you my report next time. Have a blessed week and focus on the task right in front of you. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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Lauren said...

I think it is great you incorporate hill training into your regime. Definitely helps keep those muscles strong and makes the hills in races seem much easier!