TV Show Challenge Update 3

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am happy to announce that I have completed 3 out of 16 hours of the challenge! I am working on an eBook, so the goal of the challenge for me is to have a finished product. I have other goals for the year, so my other challenge is to revisit my 2014 goals and work on them. For some reason I set some elaborate goals for this year (nothing wrong with that right?). I am looking forward to revisiting the goals I didn't publish on the blog. I set goals for 7 areas: Personal, Health, Professional (thus the eBook), Spiritual, Marriage, Parenting and Financial. Seems a lot but I believe that dreams are the things that make life worth living. When I improve myself, everyone benefits.
It seems to me that I sat down and purposefully wrote down who I wanted to become in 2014 and these goals are one way to get me there.
Whether you overdid on goal setting or you simply want to get one thing accomplished, I encourage you to take advantage of today. Today is what we really have. Spend a little time reflecting and being proactive. Everyone will benefit from it but you will be the primary beneficiary. Have a productive day my friend!
TV Show Challenge Rules: 
1. Count the hours you will spend in front of the TV watching your favorite Fall TV Show;
2. Apply those hours on your goals for 2014.
3. Come back and let me know how your TV Show Challenge is going!

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