Chicago Marathon Training: Week 14

Monday, October 6, 2014

14 (official) weeks, 56 training runs, many prayers, a lot of visualization and I would be lying if I wouldn’t tell you that I had to overcome some discouragement. This is marathon week and I am thankful to God for the foundation that has been established these past 14 weeks. 
Training went well last week. "Tapper Tantrum" continued but I managed not to change my routine and stick with my personal experiment, aka Marathon training. I'm calling it Tapper Tantrum because as the long runs diminished, my tendency was to want to change a well established plan. I'm being smart and not changing a thing though. I am looking forward to running the marathon this Sunday and learning new things.
One thing about marathon training I learned is that there is never a convenient time to train. I have learned to fit it into my schedule and keep it as a priority. I also learned that once again, it's a family effort. If it doesn't work for everyone, it doesn't work at all. I say this because family is my priority and running enhances my role in my family. 
As I look towards the end of the week, the plan is to finish my runs for the week and pack for Sunday. I am thankful for the special prayer our Senior Pastor prayed for me yesterday during the service. My mantra for this marathon is "my sufficiency is from God" so it is more than a blessing to receive the prayers and encouragement from my dear church. 
Another blessing that happened last weekend was that my dreamy husband ran a 12-miler for the first time. His goal is to run a half next year so I can say that he is doing really well! I thank God for his encouragement and I am thankful that our family is making fitness and priority. The kids also enjoy running although we haven't registered them for any formal kid races.
Once I have crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon and I have enjoyed the Spirit of Chicago cruise, I will officially start my training for the Houston Marathon. I have no plans after that, all I know is that I enjoy running so much, I will keep training. I believe the right race will show up. 
I appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement. Please Like my Facebook Page, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates on the Marathon this Sunday. Have an amazing week filled with accomplishments! Please spread the word about the Hyatt Regency O'hare discount to anyone going to Chicago this year. Thanks! 

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Lauren said...

Wishing you the very best for your marathon this upcoming weekend Cintia!!

Paulistana na Califórnia said...

Dear Cintia
You are an inspiration to me, not only with your running achievements, but as a Christian, mom and wife. I wish you all the best in this race I will look forward to read how wonderful the experience was!Keep on running, girl!! May God bless you, giving you the strength you need to finish the race strong!