Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Today I'm gonna put a different twist on Sunday Seven. I'll share 7 things I learned from being sick with strep throat this past week. It wasn't fun or enjoyable at all but if there were lessons to be learned, I believe this is it.

1 • Don't fight it, Go to the Doctor - I'm known for going to the doctor too early sometimes. Case and point, I remember having a punk virus and the doctor telling me "oh, you've only felt bad for 24 hours and you're here?" Seems like this time it was a wise move to go when I did. When in doubt, go in, even if it's for a clean bill of health.
2 • No Flu Shot for you - I had some labs to do while I was there (they forgot to get a blood sample during my annual exam in August) so I thought, "why not go ahead and get my flu shot?" I learned that that was a no no because I had fever. This fact was stored in my memory somewhere but because I'm not a health professional I forgot. I'll be getting one as soon as possible. 
3 • Water always Helps - when I had a fever, I was told to double my water intake. For me that would be 102 ounces of water. I drank a lot of water whether I felt like it or not and it really helped with me the recovery. I'm amazed at how much better a well-hydrated body feels. My daily challenge is to get at least 64 oz. No ifs or buts, just 64oz of plain water. 
4 • My Mãe knows Best - I'm surrounded by many health professionals but my mother's opinion is the one I rely on the most. She always told us to gargle with warm water and salt and that provided some amazing relief for my throat. We also do the same thing when we're hoarse. This wonder gargle helps but when we're dealing with our vocal chords, rest is the true miracle worker. 
5 • Mind Attitude - It sucks to be sick and the mind knows it well. I believe the mind plays a huge role in recovery. I felt down a lot and I think it's partly because it's a side effect of being sick. I quickly tried to take my worries to God so I didn't have to entertain that negativity. During my most challenging times, I noticed what came out of my heart. One particular night I was very sleepy while enduring a lot of pain. In the midst of that conscious/unconscious time, I kept hearing "in the morning, you'll be alright. In the morning the sun's gonna shine. In the morning no clouds the sky. When is dark in your life just wait for the daylight." These are lyrics from a song I hear on Pandora sometimes. I found these lyrics to be a true statement of what happened. The pain did get better in the morning. Psalm 30:5 says weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. I did feel much better that morning and I thank God for the joyful reminder through that song in my heart. 
6 • True Friends will be around - I write a lot about friendship because it's relevant to my life and I keep learning real life lessons of what true friendship means to me. When I am at my worst, I can look around and see who's around. This week was no different. After this week I am praying that God will make me sensitive to the pain my friends may be suffering as well as how God would want me to be present for them. 
7 • True Help - Regardless of what I went through this week, I learned once again that my true help comes from the Lord. This was another thing that came out of some kind of search for meaning in the midst of this awful ordeal. When I realized who my Father is for me,  contentment came into my heart. I was not content with being sick (God is not for sickness), I was content that in the midst of this, I have a Father who is a Healer, Provider, He's my comfort and Friend. 

I think that I am walking out of this trial with a greater understanding of who God for me. I thank God for Zeke who took excellent care of me and fed me so well during this whole thing. He actually got sick two days after my symptoms started. Life is a blessing because I have Zeke as my husband. I pray you have a healthy week my friend!