Houston Marathon Training Week 7

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

39 days till the Chevron Houston Marathon! I'm looking forward to it although some days I wonder why I do this to myself. Most days I'm happy I made the choice to be a marathoner and just keep pushing. 
Last week I had my first official holiday party and I sucked at my will power. The good news is that in that same party, one of my dear friends adopted an African Lioness in my name. I'm thrilled! I still haven't given the Lioness a name. What do you think I should call her?
Help me name my African Lioness. 
The fact that I overate sweets on Friday came back to bite me on Saturday. I was a hot long run, I was tired and I got lost. I did cover 17 miles and this is what really matters at the end. Believe me, this week I'm working on eating real food that will help me achieve my goals more efficiently. 
Another interesting thing is that we have joined a new gym. Today was my first official day working out and it seems like we're going to give the personal trainer route a try. 
My husband and I decided we get a better workout with someone designing something specific for our goals. We are going to do it together, which should be way more fun. We did our initial assessment and let's say I'm pretty average. I'm completely blinded by my goal to PR in January so being sculpted is not in my Christmas list. I'll give you an update on how my first session went next week.
Because of the gym, I've been thinking about about motivation. I realize that lasting change requires motivation. When it comes to my upcoming marathon, my motivation is non-negotiable. No matter if I'm having a good or bad day, I'm committed to crossing that finish line. I encourage you to check your motivation and actually make a list of what motivates you.
3 more super long runs and we'll tapper for Houston. I believe this season went by faster than last year. Maybe (like pregnancy) it is because I now know what to expect. 

22 is the number of days we have till 2015. I have been planning my goals and looking back at 2014. I realize that thanks to God a lot of my Fitness Forecast came true. I'm moved NOT to dream small in 2015 when it comes to fitness. Yesterday, for the first time as far as I can remember, someone challenged me to take my goals to a higher level. I never thought about training in that sense. I've been doing what it takes but there are other levels we can achieve. Yes, I've ran 2 marathons but we can always dream and achieve more for the glory of God. 
I'm still in the dreaming stages of 2015 but I am seriously writing things down and I am encouraged to dream big because God can. 

Chicago was a dream in February and when it happened in October, I was surprised although I should not have been. It started with a dream, a desire, writing down that goal and believing God to make it possible. 

I want you to be encouraged in the same way as I am. Get a piece of paper and write your big dreams down. Pray about them, work on them until you see them. When you see them, don't be surprised as I was but go straight to thankfulness to God. Have a blessed day dear reader!

P.S.: Join me and run the super fun Houston’s 12K of Christmas on December 20. They also have a 6K course if you want a little less mileage. Let's get rid of all our extra Holiday calories and support a great charity. I am using this race as a recovery run from a 17-miler earlier that week. I can't wait to have fun and enjoy this new experience!

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