Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 7, 2014

1 • Worship Leader – This week I had the blessed opportunity to lead worship at Merry Ministries. It was an honor and it was a better experience because my voice was completely back. The first time I led this year I was recovering from strep so I was 60% there. I’m learning that being available and doing my best for God as well as training others to lead is the way to go. I appreciate my husband for teaching a lot in this area.
2 • Adding Weight – I’ve been cross training for a while and this week I decided to double my bar weights. Let’s say, the workout was no longer easy and I wasn’t jamming at every song that came on. I can tell where my weak spots are because I'm sore. Making cross training challenging is the only way for my strength to increase. Such is life.
3 • New Gym – We said goodbye to our gym of 3 years and joined a new gym. The new facility is super nice and we enjoyed meeting the staff and taking a tour. I saw the spinning room and I was super tempted to take a class. I might wait till I’m done with the marathon to take on something different. Right now the goal is to strengthen my core muscles and run strong towards a PR.
4 • Pastor’s Appreciation – our dear church celebrated pastor’s appreciation last week. We always feel loved and appreciated so that’s the great part about all of this. We love serving our pastor and our church family.
5 •  Waiting Room – this week we sat at a hospital’s waiting room with a good friend. I went to be with our friend but I think I learned the greatest lesson. I saw “in sickness and in health” in action. I praise God for mentors who keep their wedding vows so my generation can be encouraged to do the same.
6 •  Heartache of Christmas – Christmas is such a joyous season that people who have what I call the “heartache of Christmas” feel like they’re oil trying to mix with water. I want my friends who are in this difficult season of life to know that they’re not alone because of a Savior who understands and who came for them.

7 • Christmas Cards – I’m a fan of Christmas cards. I love to send and receive them. I often try to find an affordable yet personal way to keep this tradition. I’m finding that it is costly to send a card to everyone I know so a digital version of it through email is the way to go.
I pray that this week is a blessed one. I pray that you are looking forward to the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus.