Chat about summer, Periscope and the art of saying No.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy Thursday! Today I thought I'd give you a bunch of random stuff that's going on in my world:
• Summer is officially over this Sunday. I start my office hours on Monday morning. I'm eager and ready to get started. I know it's gonna be an amazing year for the kids and teachers! If you haven't heard about my new career, Click here.

• A couple of the kids were under the weather, so I decided to implement my desire for organization while we spent extra time at home. It has been working wonders. The house is way more organized and my system has been working well. I really wanted to get some major projects done before going back to work so I am thankful to God for the opportunity to do it. To read about my organization system, please click here.

• I'm on Periscope! Follow me there if you haven't already. I like the ability to talk to people in real time. I also like the fact that I can spread hope online in that new platform. I believe that live streaming is a great experiment and like the other platforms, it's wise to be sure that my content matters.

• I want to restart Podcasting. I love podcasts and I was listening to an old one Zeke and I recorded 5 years or so ago (listen here). I hit up a couple of friends of influence for interviews and they said yes. I hope you listen to it when I relaunch it!

• I am sure I will find new content inspiration when I start working. A word that crosses both Stay at Home Moms and Working Moms' boundaries is "balance."It will be interesting to see how I can make life work in this new season. One thing that is already helping me is becoming well versed in "the art of saying No." I believe that mothers already do a lot and if I don't respect my boundaries, life just becomes overwhelming. Read "5 Question to ask Before you Volunteer" if you have difficulty in this area.

Tomorrow I will blog about my marathon training. This is week 7 and the goal of finishing strong is fresh in my mind. Come back tomorrow, okay? Have a lovely day,