My top 10 Posts of 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

1. Time Assessment - one of the first things that God taught me this year is how to better manage my time. I read the book The Best Yes and I learned about a neat time management tool that helped me to better manage my time. When I read the book I was a stay-at-home mom. Now that I am working outside of the home this tool has greatly helped me see where my time is going. 

2. How my Child Potty Trained Herself - you heard it right. My youngest potty trained herself. One more reason to be thankful this year. 

3. The Cute Dress - an essay on a failed job interview that never was.

4. Getting to know Great Day Houston - who takes 3 kids to a Live TV show? I do. 

5. How to help your VBS when you don't have time - there are many ways to help without being there. 

6. 4 years of Houston - looking back, I learned a lot about moving to a new place. 

7. My New Job - this is the post I announced the new job God had for me: preschool music teacher. 

8. Marriage Conflict - when you have almost 10 years of marriage you learn from your many mistakes. This post is about what to do when small things blow up. 

9. How to Save your Voice - My new job has allowed me to learn how to work when I have no or little voice. Here's how to prevent losing your voice. 

10. Before you ask them to Mentor you - There are many benefits of having a mentor. I believe you must ask yourself these two questions before you ask someone to mentor you. 

I hope you enjoy these posts. I really enjoying writing them and I appreciate your readership!