Put on the work

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The house was pretty messy where no one could see. That was really bothering me. Instead of being upset, I decided to call a sweet friend to watch the kids so I could work uninterrupted for a few hours. What a win. I got out of the hole, the kids had a blast and we enjoyed my sweet friend. 

I love people who have a heart for me. I hope to be the same way. A way out, an answer when I'm needed the most. 

I find that most of the time, I'm not the person chosen for the magic makeover. The one on TV where lives are changed in 22 minutes (without counting the commercials). From mess to fabulousness, everything seems easy in that magic screen. 

I find that most of the time, changing anything is hard work. While I believe in miracles, I find that God is a God of processes. This season I am learning just that: to stay in my lane and do what it takes in order to keep my priorities straight. While I had my head down last night, going through mounts of clean clothes that needed to be stored and donated, I thought about the many things that still needed to be done. I also remember that those clothes in front of me were part of my priority. My family needs to be ready for winter and I get to serve them in this unique way. 

If you go to that room you'll see that there is still work to be done. Instead of being upset, I decided to know that even small steps towards my goal are called progress. 

I wonder if you too dream of a makeover while you really have is strength to put on the work yourself.