Why I wake up Early

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Genetic disposition. I have always woken up early. I often remember my mother saying that I was "the last one to sleep and the first one to get up." I can now sympathize with her. I like to have a little time to myself before everyone else wakes up. When my early risers find their way to the kitchen it reminds me of myself as a child. Early risers can't help themselves. 

I had no agenda for getting up early as a child. I was just genetically inclined to open my eyes as I heard the rooster crowing. Yes, a rooster and a whole lot of chickens. My paternal grandmother left the country but the country clearly came to the city with her. But that's a different story. 

My first year in the U.S. was the perfect time to wake up early. I realized that during time as a cafeteria worker most kids wanted the lunch or dinner shifts. They couldn't find anyone to work during the breakfast hours so I found my perfect opportunity. It took a little adjustment. My math professor caught me falling asleep in her class and she told me I needed to go to sleep by 9 o'clock. I listened to her advice and successfully completed every assignment that came my way. Rest is key because I wake up early. 

During my first year as a married woman I learned that I was alone in this waking up early habit. I struggled with my night owl husband. We learned each other's rhythm and I found plenty of things to do while he caught extra sleep. I found that in the quietness of the morning I could meet with God, my first love. I found that I could spend plenty time with Him before I saw another human being. Those were awesome years. 

My first year as a mother proved that it didn't matter that I was an early morning person, I also had to be an all-nighter in order to fit in feedings and diaper changes. I remember the joy of sleep training my baby just to do it all over again 12 months later with our second born. Life has a subtle way of teaching you to be moldable. 

I currently wake up early to put life into living. I drink a strong cup of coffee, I talk to God, I read my Bible and I go for a run. When I get back, my family is starting to wake up and I can help them get ready for their day. 

Life has to be more than the usual routine of working and doing the daily obligations. By waking up early I find time to discover who I am in Christ and who God created me to be. 

I get my best creative ideas when I wake up early. I get much needed relief for the stress of life when I wake up early. I get to feed my mind with all the great stuff God says about me before I get in the battlefield of life. I'll do what it takes to get these benefits.

It does cost because everything worth doing has a price tag to it.

You can also say that you can get the same stuff done as a night owl. I agree with you. My encouragement to you is that you find time during your 168 hours this week to put life into your living.