Chevron Houston Marathon Training Week 24

Saturday, December 3, 2016

We are so incredibly close to the marathon! 42 short days. In training terms, we have 3 super long runs and then we taper. Marathon day is right around the corner and I thank God for the training season thus far!
Today it rained and there was thunder and lightning going on. I often got dressed and showed up for training days like today but I was so incredibly tired, I decided to look at the weather and go back to bed. I'm glad I did because the run was cancelled and I was able to get more rest and do a long run in the treadmill. When the going gets tough, (this) one can do whatever is needed to get the training in place. 
As I was training I was going between watching Undercover Boss and the Marathon Training Academy Podcast. They said something that made a lot of sense to me. The comment was, "you can't cram training for a marathon. You can't decide that because you have a marathon on Sunday you will run 26 miles for five days the week before the event." They were encouraging people to take the time to properly train for a marathon and to be realistic about finish times. 
I connected with this comment because I have been training for 24 weeks. Most plans out there give you 18 weeks or so but I'm glad that I took the time to follow the plan, train and rest. I find that there's a lot of wisdom in training the correct amount of time and following a good training plan. 
I was also like this in school, I never crammed for exams. I'm not a night person so staying up late to study would be a disservice, but I never believed that exposing myself to a huge amount of information at the last minute would make a difference. 
Somehow, some processes are meant to be taken slow, one step at a time. Marathon training reminds me of that and I'm better for it. 
Next week we run the 30K so I am counting on your prayers. I will arrive at the start line knowing that everything that could go wrong already did (hydration and nutrition wise) so the runs after that have been pretty awesome. 
Thanks for reading and I will write again next week after I get my bling, ok? 

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