I Champion You

Friday, December 2, 2016

I didn't write a post about Zeke's birthday last year (ops!) but here is a photo. This man looks fantastic year after year!
birthday 2015
Last year Zeke had a big surprise party at church and we went out the night of his birthday for seafood. It was also during that time that I had to stop eating my fish cause it was sooo greasy, my stomach couldn't take it. Good times!

birthday 2016
This year we started the celebration early. We went out for dinner Sunday night then we celebrated big time on Tuesday. Zeke had a rehearsal on his birthday so we waited until he came back to continue to celebration with a dinner at home. The kids and I look forward to his birthday each and every year! This year we prayed that God would give Zeke a long life so we can celebrate many more years.

I listen to a Podcast where several speakers use the phrase "I champion you." This phrase has intrigued so much, I have successfully internalized it and I want to make it a practice in my relationship with Zeke.

In my opinion, when you "champion" a person, you make sure they win.
Championing someone means that you support them with everything that's within you, no matter the cost.
"I champion you" means that you have my undying loyalty. I wear your t-shirt with pride and I cheer you every time you are out there playing the game of life.
I champion you. I like this phrase.

Let's be honest and say that championing someone is challenging but a worthy goal. I don't do it correctly all the time. I recently found out that I can champion Zeke way better than I have in the past 13 years. I have made it my personal goal to champion him well. I was born for such task.

I know this is supposed to be a happy birthday post and it turned out to be one about how I need to do better, love better and champion better. The truth is that relationships are never stale, either you are moving closer to each other or apart. Because I champion Zeke as a habit, I believe we are growing closer together in true Agape love. 

Thank God for Zeke. Long live the king of my heart.

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