Chevron Houston Marathon 2017 Race Recap

Monday, January 16, 2017

I am so thankful for a great experience before, during and after my beloved Chevron Houston Marathon! I was blessed to be one of the Marathon Ambassadors so I hung out at the expo talking to runners and sharing marathon cheer. 
a runner poses for a photo in the marathon expo
I love this sign! I also loved taking photos of runners and wishing them well in all their distances. There is nothing more contagious than a runner's expectation before a race. 

Posing in the Chevron Houston marathon expo
 It was such an honor to hang out with my fellow Ambassadors. Many were not in this photo but it was fun to spend time with them this year.
Marathon runners posing

 We got to run through the finish line for a photo shoot which was super cool. I am incredibly thankful to represent a race I truly love!
marathoners posing at the finish line at Houston

 I got my flat runner outfit ready on Friday night. I could not take any chances on forgetting something major. My coach looked at this photo and reminded me of my water bottle. I told you! LOL!
flat runner outfit for race day
 I got a lot of rest the week and days before the marathon. Before going to sleep I made sure to read the race program from cover to cover. Here is my photo and "why I run" story on page 40.
runner points at photo in the marathon book
I ate a good breakfast when I woke up then I started drinking electrolytes till I stepped in the start line 3 hours later.
The morning of the marathon we met up with our running group for a moment of prayer and some good well wishing before the race. Fort Bend Fit always shows up in full force and they were a key part of the success I experience as a long distance runner. 
Fort Bend Fit marathon training group on race day
The weather for marathon day was very humid. We started in the mid 60s and we ended the race in the low 70s. This was the hottest race I've ever ran in my life. Thank God for learned lessons tough. I learned after the Houston Half to take hydration and nutrition to a higher level and I'm happy to say it paid off.
My plan was to run a very conservative race (or "run by feeling" as I call it), use my intervals and keep up with hydration and nutrition. I refilled my water bottle at every water station and I stayed on top of my enduralytes and clif blocks consumption. I saw a friendly person in the course with peppermints so she gave me a bunch. I used them to distract me from my discomfort. I also reminded myself that there's always discomfort but if I kept pushing myself, I'd eventually get there.
When I was half way through the beautiful marathon course, I started running with a retired Houston Fire Fighter. We stayed together for 10 miles. It was nice to meet someone who was running their first Houston Marathon. I believe I served as a course guide and encourager. We celebrated every mile and kilometer marker.
I was looking forward to reaching mile 23 where my Fort Bend Fit family was waiting, ready to help. I got some gel for my legs and I drank a bit of a coke. I never do this but when they told me they'd have coke I thought, I'll drink some! I usually boohoo at mile 23 but this year I was all smiles.
runner in the marathon course
smiling at mile 23: a first! 
The retired fire fighter ran a bit faster than me and kept pushing to the finish line. One of my Fort Bend Fit buddies decided to run me in to the finish line and I was so very grateful for the company and encouragement! 
I finished this race and for the first time, I didn't hit the wall hard as I usually do. My plan worked! Thank God! My husband, who had finished the Aramco Half, was waiting for me. I got my medal, t-shirt and mug and I was on my way home to rest, recover and celebrate. 
runners holding their medal
I am grateful to the Chevron Houston Marathon for the amazing experience. I am grateful to my husband and kids for the support as well as my running group. I am grateful to God for getting me from day of one training to the finish line of the best marathon experience I've ever had. 

I urge you to register for the 2018 Chevron Houston Marathon or Aramco Houston Half today if you can. Click here for the link

Thanks for joining me in my journey to the finish line!