Past Dinner fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I am part of the best running group in the universe! I've been training with Fort Bend Fit since the fall of 2013 when I crashed one of their runs. 
 I officially joined and this Sunday I will complete my 5th marathon. Last night we had our Pasta Dinner, which was a celebration of the past 6 months of training. 
 I am incredibly thankful for my running buddies. FBF is a very encouraging community. They literally take you from couch to 26.2 miles or any distance bellow or above (we have a couple of ultra marathoners in our group). 
Last night I was reminded of my amazing support system. When we see each other at any race or training run, we encourage and we literally run you to your goal. I expect the same dedication Sunday as I will give the same to all people around me.
I have a few friends who are volunteering and I reminded me of my "crying spot" which is mile 23. Our local running store runs that water stop and a lot of people I know are there waiting to give us our final push. For the past 4 years I cry EVERY TIME I get to mile 23. My friends always give me whatever I need: a hug, food and last year, pickle juice. I often find someone to run a few miles with me to distract me from my discomfort. I thank God for my running family and I always pray I can be encouraging to someone who needs me the most.
Tomorrow is Expo day so follow me on Social Media to see how much fun we have before during and after we get to the start line of the Chevron Houston Marathon.
Happy marathoning!!!