Chevron Houston Marathon Training Week 29

Monday, January 9, 2017

We made it! We completed the full time of training for the Chevron Houston Marathon! I'm thankful to God and my family for allowing me to take in another season of training. It takes a lot, it's not easy but it has been awesome. 
I can already look back and see that the person I am today is very different than the person who started this journey 29 weeks ago. The challenges I had made me grow. The revelations I gained for life have been priceless. I am so very thankful!
I told you would tell you about visualization. I practiced it during most of my runs and I keep it simple and non-weird. Usually towards the end of my run, I think of the finish line of the marathon and through my mind's eyes I see myself crossing the finish line and receiving my medal. I also see myself thanking God for helping me cross one more finish line (I do that every time). 
I practice visualization because the going always gets tough, no matter the distance. Visualization helps me train my mind and convince it that we will finish what we started it. I add prayer on top of prayer on top of that. I also speak to myself out loud. I think that during a specially tough race I recited scripture out loud in different languages. It worked! 
I was asked about my thought process before I get into a big project. Visualization is a key part of it because I have see me there before I get there. 
I am counting on your prayers this Sunday morning as I start and finish my beloved Chevron Houston Marathon. If you follow me on Social Media you will experience the whole weekend with me AND you'll get to see the finish line ahead of time. Also, follow the Chevron Houston Marathon in your preferred social media platform for an awesome view of the weekend. 
It's been an honor for me to have you read about my training each week. Thanks for reading this series and come back next week for my "Once Upon a (Marathon) Run" recap! 
I'm counting on your prayers as I cross the finish line of my 5th marathon! Much love friends!

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