Getting to Know You: Houston Symphony

Monday, March 6, 2017

I have always loved this sound:

I also love, love, LOVE the Houston Symphony. This is our second time attending a concert this season. We really enjoyed Very Merry Pops during Christmas season and we decided to return again for another concert. This was our view this time: 
I heard EVERY note and LOVED IT!
We were on the second roll, really close to the action!
Waiting for Bruckner to start.
The kids did really well. I think my favorite part of marching 3 kids to Jones Hall by myself are the gasps from the people seating around us. They're always very pleased with the fact that they talk way more than we do during the performance tough. 
Bruckner was a lovely performance to attend. I loved the music and I loved when the Houston Symphony Chorus performed during the second part. My husband joined the chorus last Fall, so we've enjoyed listening to their great performances. 
Our kids are used to being at church with no screens, so the symphony was a breeze for them. There were tears but they were silent (thank God!). The kids were super tired. As a matter of fact, two out of three fell asleep, which I was okay with. The break between the performance is also lovely cause it gave us all a chance to check our sillies out. 
My husband is up there somewhere :)
If you have considered attending a live performance by the Houston Symphony, I'm here to tell you: to do it! I planned ahead and we made it happen with no problem.
End of the show with our friends. 
I looked at the schedule online and selected the shows I wanted to attend. I also noticed that there are great deals online so everyone can enjoy the symphony at an affordable price. Do plan to park around Jones Hall. We paid $10 and we used the underground tunnels which helped us avoid the rain. That was a huge blessing.
I hope that by coming to the symphony, my children will gain an appreciation for music and I hope they nurture this appreciation for the rest of their lives.
For more information about the Houston Symphony, click here.

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