Weight Watchers: Preparation

Thursday, January 25, 2018

My favorite quote on preparation is "if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail." Last week I decided to prepare to succeed. Here are a few things I did:
• I bought and prepared my own food. Mainly, I made black beans and rice (our staple) and I cooked chicken plus, I prepared 4 different veggies as side dishes.
• I exercised and met my goal. It's not always easy but I made it work with my schedule.
• I measured my food.
Here are a few things I learned:
• I was eating too many 0 point foods. I know... if the goal is to eat until I was satisfied, I need to look out for my satiation point.
• I need a better plan for days when I am tempted to overeat. Having tea available is the plan what I am trying to implement. Instead of eating extra points, I'll just have some tea and call in the day.
• I need to stay the course. Weight loss can be slow. I often don't get huge amounts of loss at all times. I also know that if I stick with it, eventually I will succeed. Last year for example, I basically saw a 10 lb loss. The whole year. I'll take that! My doctor told me that was actually a smart thing because I am less likely to gain it back. Yay persistence!

So, I decided to bring my video series back. I hope you enjoy it!

Goal for the week: Track 5 days at least with the ww app. Exercise at least 4 times.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
{{Current Weight}}: 166.8 lbs