Summer 2018 Goals

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Goals can be intimidating for some but let me make it easy: what gift would you like to give yourself at the end of the summer? Such gift comes in the form of a goal accomplished.

I would love to make advances towards the goals I set in January;
I also would love to connect with my family this summer.

Summer goals can be easy. They can propel you to accomplish the dreams you have for yourself.

I set faith, family, fitness and business goals for the year. The end of Spring is a great time to reassess those goals and recommit to them.

I have been focusing on reading out loud with the kids for the past few years. This summer I want to read a few books with them in order to make that happen. Good thing the kids are eager to read too!

Your dreams may seem big but you don't have to feel intimidated. Think of your goals as gifts and decide to give yourself a small part of that gift this summer by accomplishing your goals.