What I learned this Spring

Thursday, May 31, 2018

"What we learned" is Emily P. Freeman's brain child. We pause and reflect on what we learned before we move on to the next season. Here's my first try!

1. Good things come, I just don't know when. The previous season (winter) made me wonder if good things would ever come. I honestly saw myself in a downward spiral mood for years to come but one day, everything changed. Good things do come, we just can't pinpoint when they show up.

2. Keeping good habits are worth my time. The older I get, the choosier I am about which habits I keep in my life. I see that keeping the good habit of running is a great idea.

3. I choose to honor, no matter how challenging the personality. I learned a lot about honor this season. I decided that getting calm and showing honor is a very good idea.

4. The finish line is one of my favorite places in the world. I saw my kids crossing a finish line (again) and it reminded me of why this is one of my happy places. The exuberance, the joy and the sense of accomplishment are contagious.

5. Baking = gathering. My job change caused the rhythm of my home to change a bit. Nothing bad, just different. I find that baking is a way of gathering everyone around the table. We take a deep breath and enjoy that fresh baked good. We share stories about our day and we just connect easily. Baking brings us back together and I love it.

6. In the middle of the uncertain, look for the eternal. We bought a house this spring. We didn't know if it was all going to work out. I remember looking at my daughters reading together. They were connected to the story and to one another. It was almost as if I could see their eternal bond of sisterhood.

7. Music can calm a world of agitation. My husband bought us a ticket to a concert, our first one together. We highly enjoyed the music. Our world was a little agitated and music was amazing in bring it all down to a joyful time. Our hearts are still full.

8. I already have all I've ever needed. I applied to run a major marathon and I didn't get in. Things like this remind me that I am blessed beyond measure already.

9. Not giving up is a good idea. I made a wreath for my front door and it was hard work. I basically came up with the idea myself and I went for it. I swear I'm not crafty but I did not give up. In other areas of life, not giving up on a good idea paid off. It is often difficult but when I persist, good things happen.

10. Every day I can be a better wife. I know it is hard to be married to me. When I consider my role in my marriage, I know that every day I can improve.

What did you learn this Spring?