My weight loss in 60 seconds: premeditated portion control

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

I've been back to WW since April 4. I lost a little weight, cruised for a few weeks and this past week, I lost weight again.

I had wisdom teeth surgery two weeks ago. I remember telling myself that one week of recovery shouldn't derail my efforts. I told myself I was going to recover without gaining weight. I tracked my points and that was super smart. I maintained my weight that week.

This past week, I took my tracking seriously. I thought I was serious before but not really. I took advantage of the scanner tool in the WW App and I scanned foods that I thought were zero points. It turns out, I was eating more points than planned.

For example, we buy chicken breast (zero points right?). The thing is, the frozen type, when scanned is worth 2 points. I added those points to a chicken barbecue pulled pork sandwich we had for Sunday lunch. I counted the hamburger bun we bought and I ate guilt-free.

12 years ago I had a major lesson about portion control. I was part of a weight loss group in my North Carolina town. The nutritionist would teach different topics each week. One week, she taught us about portion control. That lesson changed the way I viewed food and nutrition.

Lately, I've been listening to people who believe that we should eat until we're satisfied, not until we're full. I don't know why this never made sense to me before. I practiced the whole eat until you're satisfied approach last week. My husband even asked me why I didn't finish a salad I ordered. I told him "I'm not hungry any more." Now that's super different for me!

Last Tuesday, I saw that this whole strategy worked. I'm sure I won't lose 3 pounds per week. I am happy that I have a better idea of what portion control is and I know how to stop eating when I'm satisfied.

I gave my kids a little lesson on portion control too. We were packing our lunch for the week, so I showed them the portion recommendation in the nutrition label. It's the little things right?

My challenge is to continue this approach until I reach my weight loss goal.

I am specially happy because I finally arrived to the lowest amount of weight I hit with WW before my break. I was this exact weight last summer some time.

I'm eager to finish what I started. I'm already enjoying where I am. Thanks for joining me in this journey friends!

WW start weight: 175 lbs
4/4/19: 161 lbs
Current: 156 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs

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