Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer break is upon us! Here are some easy, frugal and creative ideas to enhance your summer.

1. Library reading challenge • every summer, our local public library offers a summer reading challenge for kids. We sign up every year and the kids enjoy it so much! Many are concerned of the amount of learning kids lose during the summer. I choose to focus on the different type of learning that summer brings. Reading is a joy and it is so good to share it as a family. During the summer, I have more time to read out loud as well as read what I want to read. I sign up to the challenge as an adult because I can always read more.

2. Community Pool /Splash Pad • we swim a lot during the summer. We try to get in the water as much as possible. Swimming makes every summer special so we make time for it. I know some parents sign up for swim lessons or for a local swim team. Even if all you have is a waterhole in the back of the house: get the kids in the water.

3. Children's Museum • I admire the children's museum for always keeping their exhibitions relevant and interesting. We go to the children's museum throughout the summer. It is a great break from the summer heat and the kids learn as they play.

4. Vacation Bible School • Most chinches offer Vacation Bible School during the summer. I've been part of churches who did not, so I went to a church that did. I also volunteered when I was a SAHM. VBS is also part of summer for our kids. It is a great way for kids to learn about Jesus while having fun. I also think the summer is a great time for adults to deepen their faith in God. Many churches offer summer studies. You can also buy a book where you can specifically study by yourself or with friends.

5. Galveston Beach • we are blessed with proximity to the beach. We try to go as much as we can. Galveston is one of many beaches in the area. We pack and picnic and we enjoy hours of fun. The kids love the beach as well. There are other things to do in the area, such as taking the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula, visiting  Moody Gardens and many other things!

6. Picnic • the kids and I love picnics. I even bought a picnic basket because we love it so much. Our picnics are simple. I pack a few foods, water and we go to a local park. The kids play and when they get hungry, we sit in the grass and eat together. I recently learned that when I am suffering from stress, taking the kids to the park to enjoy a picnic helps me relax.

7. Rice University • Rice is a great place for kids! The grounds are beautiful. Kids can visit Fondren Library and see a piece of the moon. They can walk outside and swing in the hammocks. My kids love the frog wall. Rice is a great place to bring a picnic lunch and explore the grounds. There are so many fun things to!

8. Coding for Kids • Do you know a skill? You can teach it to your kids. I've been teaching my kids to code and we will have an intensive during the summer. They will also learn other skills I have but it is challenging to include in our school year schedule. The summer is also the time my kids get a Portuguese intensive class. Think about something you know and teach!

9. Outdoor Theater • Many communities have summer outdoor theaters. We have a great one here in Houston. In the past, we enjoyed taking a blanket, sitting outside and enjoying the play.

10. Community Playdates • Not all of our neighborhood kids go to the same school. The summer is a great time for neighborhood playdates. We are planning on getting the kids together for community playdates. The summer is a great time to meet our neighbors. Playdates are a great way to do that.

11. Dinner Parties • During the school year, everyone's excuse not to be with friends is the famous busy schedule. The summer is a great time to host dinner parties for the entire family. Dinner parties are perfect to teach children about hospitality and serving. I like to involve my kids in all aspects of the a dinner party. Hospitality is to be shared. The best way to learn is to practice.

What are your favorite summer activities for kids?