My Weight Loss in 60 seconds: proof of weight loss

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

How do you prove that you lost weight? How do you prove that you are vulnerable? Confident? Fit?  Today's culture has a formula.

If your before and after picture do not show 85% of your body, you are not losing weight.
If you don't show your body, as in nudity, you are not confident nor vulnerable. 
If you don't show your abs, you are not in shape. 
If you don't have an bad past, your present doesn't matter. 
If you had a healthy childhood, you should be quiet. 
If you and your husband don't have cute selfies together, you don't have a good marriage.
Oh, make sure most of the selfies show your bodies with as little clothes as possible without qualifying as rated R. 

These crazy ideas are part of a formula. I choose not to believe them. 

If I say I'm losing weight and I keep my clothes on, you can believe me. 
If I say I am confident and I believe in being vulnerable, you can listen to my opinion. 
If I say I am an athlete, I shouldn't have to show body parts to prove it.
If my past wasn't so bad that it is. not worth a book/movie deal, my present life still matters.
If I was blessed with a good childhood, I should be accepted as a person of worth.
If the amount and professional quality of marital selfies I have shouldn't determined the health of my marriage.

You can believe me. Just don't expect me to follow the world's formula for success.

This week on weight watchers news (haha!), I lost weight. I was maintaining for a little while but I'm back losing again.

Last week it was a fight to maintain. This week, I decided to follow the program and track every meal. There were no special events, just good ole tracking.

I made a big batch of  chicken and I used it for different meals last week. Being prepared just works. Next week I will speak about being on WW during summer vacation. Thank you for joining me in this journey!

WW start weight: 175 lbs
Current: 153 lbs (22 pounds gone!)
First Goal: 150 lbs
Second Goal: 146 lbs
Third Goal: 136 lbs

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