Thursday, November 21, 2019

My father dreamed of America.
At the time, he was told it wasn’t a great idea.
It was the 60s and his beautiful skin color wouldn’t be the best thing, he was told.

Still, my father dreamed. And he also prayed.

Many decades later, his children came to America legally to pursue education.

Some of us stayed, some went back to our country.

I’m the last sibling living in the U.S. to become an American citizen. I’m thankful for all the blessings I’ve received here.

A little over 2,500 people from 121 countries became U.S. Citizens
Today, I remember my father, whose dreams came true thanks to God’s favor.

I remember my mother, whose humble beginnings remind me of my responsibility as a human being to help others succeed.

I remember my husband & children. I’m fully committed to them and I proved that commitment today.

I’ve always known I’m a citizen of heaven. I’ve always been free. I’m grateful for both blessings.

I’m mostly grateful that God answers prayers. My father prayed, I prayed, my friends and family prayed and here we are today.

Here I am, taking my Oath
I’m glad I can finally say, “I, too, am America.” (Langston Hughes)