How to face the rest of 2020

Monday, July 13, 2020


Last year, I told you that in 2020, we would need more than a goal in hand. I went on to say,


“Resolve is the result you get when your courage is tested. If you pass the test, you gain wisdom.” From my post "Resolve."


Friends, we can all agree that our courage has been tested in 2020.


I had a funny feeling about 2020. While everyone had cute sayings such as “Vision 2020” all I sensed were obstacles. I had a strong feeling that we would have to overcome many obstacles. I just didn’t know they would be this big.


I turned 40 in the beginnings of this year. I, the celebrative person, had such a peculiar feeling about the year that I downsized my birthday party. I asked my sister to come to for a family celebration.


The day was all I hoped for. We spent time as a family in the simplicity of our home. Once my birthday month was over, life continued.


Pre-COVID 2020 was stressful. Mostly because I overbooked myself. I had no margin. I felt like I needed to show high performance in all I was doing. I tremble to think about those awful weeks.


Well, COVID interrupted all of that. Life was canceled and my schedule was reduced to family, faith and work. The world around me changed. There was fear, uncertainty and anxiety all around.


Every time my courage was tested, I turned to God. I got on my knees. I didn’t care where I was: kitchen, office, bedroom. If God told me He’d be present, I asked for His presence.


Going through inevitable uncertainty on our own is very disarming. I learned that God shows up where He is invited. I learned to invite Him into the new reality I was living.


This year brought so many obstacles to the forefront of our lives. I’m aware that some people already were dealing with obstacles. Last year, I wrote the following about the subject:


“This year, you will face obstacles… What about the unexpected obstacles that come our way? We trust God to infuse us with grace to face each one. He is a very present help in times of trouble. God is for us, no matter what we face.” From my post "Resolve"


This turned out to be true. Every time I called on God, He infused me with grace. Grace to face fear and anxiety. Grace to know what to do with shortages everywhere. Grace to walk by faith and not by sight. Grace to realize that my health couldn’t be forsaken because of the changes happening around me.


I can honestly say that God did not leave me alone in my desperation. I found the grace I needed in Him and through Him.


The year is not over yet. I realize that the people who were optimistic about the year are now bracing themselves for the worst.


I’m choosing to surrender my future to a God who is already there. God is everywhere. He knows the future because He’s there. He knows the past because He was there. He is here right now as you read these words. He loves and He cares.


When I surrender to God, I offer Him my trust. God does not disappoint His children. He is completely trustworthy. When trust is present, so is peace.


Peace will allow you to sleep better. When you physically rest, you can think clearly and make better decisions.


I’m challenging you to step out of your circumstances and trust God. Invite Him to a reality He already knows. Ask Him to for His perspective. God has all the grace you need to live the life He gave you.


Our “resolve” and single purpose for the rest of this year must be to trust God. Let us trust, no matter what the external circumstances may be. Let us pursue God. He will be found by us. That’s His promise.

Unknown said...

God bless you Cíntia! I loved your text.

Unknown said...

God bless you Cíntia! I loved your text.