Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 1, 2020

When you are at your lowest point, here are some things you understand: 

1. You may go even lower. I hate it but it has happened to me. I believe the important thing is to raise your thinking. My brain starts to go to the things that matter. God loves me. At some point, this got to get better. 

2. You have the right to feel your feelings. It does not mean others have to process your feelings for you. Yet you have the right to your feelings. They are there for a reason and they are often pointing at something. 

3. You may find yourself all alone. Sometimes, that's good because you can use that time for reflection. There are temptations to engage in behavior that will lead you away from who God called you to be. Fight those and remain true to who God called you to be. Loneliness can be a gift because clarity comes to those who take the time to find it. 

4. You may cry for help. I don't believe people should be at their lowest without help. Asking a friend for help is wise. You will find that your true friends will be there for you without reservations and judgment. If they aren't, you need to find someone who will. 

5. Look around. When I'm at my lowest, once I feel my feelings and cry out to God, I developed the habit to look around. I do it because the perspective from the bottom is different than when you are on top. You see the ground a little bit closer. You see details you wouldn't see otherwise. Depending on the reason why you're down, you also learn a lot about people. Look around because it makes you relatable to people who may experience the same thing. Look around because it can also be a growing moment. 

6. There's only one way up. The truth is that when you are down, the only option is to get up. This simple fact gives me a lot of hope. The possibility that I won't be down forever is exhilarating to my brain. Hope for today means power for tomorrow. 

7. You will grow. Character development is a mystery. Being in your lowest estate can cause growth. But only if we follow God's plan. Our choice to follow God's plan can make us better. Choosing growth opens us up to the possibility of receiving resilience and hope as part of our character development journey. It is easier said than done when you are low but I'm encouraging you and I to choose growth.