Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 24, 2021

 I took a hard look at my mistakes from the past year. Here are 7 lessons.

Time - I was chronically busy at the top of the year. My health suffered. I learned what my limits were. I had to say no in order to say yes to what was important. I didn't expect people to understand. I just couldn't keep going at the same rate. COVID-19 helped because everything got canceled. The break from activities helped me solidify my resolve to invest my time in what matters most. 

Priority - Prayer and fasting were part of my goals year after year. I needed to increase and improve these practices. My mistake was, they were not priorities. During the first days and weeks of COVID-19, I decided to pray on my knees first thing in the morning. I faced hardships and I walked with friends who had a harder time in life than I did. I fasted as a priority because only God could intervene. Having a goal and having priorities are two different things. 

Coping - I learned I can cope with stress without resorting to overeating. I didn't realize that chewing was a big coping mechanism for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see I developed that ability. A new reality of life started when I learned to cope with stress without having to resort to food. Now I know that problems exist and we can cope without the need for food. 

Training - After 7 years of running, I learned that the sound advice of my coaches works. Their advice has passed the test of time. More than 25 years to be exact. Their advice comes from real life and science. I followed the plan. I rested and I invested in fueling well. Their advice worked and I was able to complete my 7th marathon feeling really good. 

Perspective - I never really considered that when you step away from conflict, my perspective can change. The fact is, my perspective should change. I should become more compassionate and not combative. More understanding and not unrealistic. Stepping away and returning with fresh eyes is good for the soul.

Let go - I made the mistake of not letting hurts go quicker. I learned that holding on to offenses can be heavy. A burden I was not created to carry. God's way is better. Forgiveness is a gift beyond measure. Once I recognized my hurt, I realized that the choice to let go is mine alone. Freedom to forgive is a gift I can give to myself. 

Grow - I stop growing when I decide I am good enough. This way of thinking is a full disregard for God's character development for me. Growing is not easy. It takes a lot of outside help. Sometimes, others see the areas where my character can improve. If I think I am good as I am, I shrink. I learned that though it may hurt, growth is good for me and for others.