The next 24 hours

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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If we learned something about 2020 was to be flexible with our goals. 2021 is no different. 

Everyone is hopeful yet, cautiously optimistic. Some are afraid to set long-term goals. My approach to goals so far is the following: focus on the next 24 hours. 

How the next 24 hours can set me up for long term success:

• I want to reach a big weight loss goal this Spring but I am not there yet. Where I am is here, living today. What I can control is what I eat today, how much I move today, how much I rest today. When I focus on what I can do today, tomorrow takes care of itself. In a way, the results of my actions today propel me to my expected tomorrow. 

• When I focus on the next 24 hours, I am trying to avoid being anxious about the future. There is very little that I can do about the future. There is a lot I can do about today. I heard someone say that we underestimate what we can do today and we exaggerate what we can do tomorrow. 

• Focusing on the next 24 hours shows you that small steps count. Here is how I think. Let's think of my goal to finish losing goal by the Spring:
- today I will drink 2 bottles of water while at work.
- today I will get to bed early so I can sleep 7 hours.
- today I will eat the soup I prepared last weekend for lunch.

Have you thought about focusing on the next 24 hours instead of obsessing over your long-term results?