Unmistakably You

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


“There is some place for you to fill

Some work for you to do
And no one can or ever will do
Quite well as you
It may lay close along your way
Some homely little duty
But only needs your touch, your sway,
To blossom into beauty.”
- Anonymous

Being a wife and mother is the place I'm blessed to fill.

Social media as messed up our sense of contentment as we navigate motherhood. We feel that we are all supposed to go through life being great at everything. Oh, we also have a false idea that we are supposed to youtube everything we do.

When we see images of motherhood, we believe those images are better at everything than we are so, what's the use of even trying?

What starts with admiration ends with frustration. I can't be lean, fit, a great chef, a great businesswoman, a great singer-songwriter-producer, a great fill in the blank at the same time. This is maddening.

My friend, your place in the world doesn't have to be Instagram-able. You just need to be the essential force of encouragement in somebody's life.

You can start with the people who live in your own home. The ones who will really be there for you, no matter what.

Turn off outside, unreliable influencers. Turn your attention to God. He created motherhood. He can tell you how to succeed. If you navigate motherhood God's way, you have a 100 percent chance to succeed.

God's way is a way of peace. You find yourself completely known, loved and accepted. God will give you wisdom that only He can give because He created your family. He created them on purpose and with a purpose. Turn your attention to God.

My friend, you have a place to fill. It is a great place indeed. Keep it simple. Keep it godly. Keep it peaceful by being completely and unmistakably you.