Latte with a friend

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Today I had a latte with a friend before heading to work. It was just what I needed. I was actually dreading some bad news all morning. 

I was terribly tired so I missed an important phone call. It took me a while to register the significance of that missed call. Somehow I knew it wasn't going to be good news. 

Still, I went on with my day. CrossFit was going to be difficult but I fixed my mindset before getting there. I thought, "I need this workout, no matter how tough." I worked out and sweated a bunch. I was blessed to know I had the health and strength to complete that physical challenge. 

At home, the kids were gearing up for a day of final exams. They were rested, excited and I assured them of our love and God's presence. 

I needed that assurance for myself. I texted my missed call friend and proceeded to meet my friend from coffee. 

The coffee date was lovely. It was a blessing just to sit for a while. Friendship is a gift in the midst of uncertainty. It helped me treasure the gift of life. I'm amazed at what a face-to-face with a friend can do to one's spirit. 

I called my husband and told him about the missed call. He told me to call back. I did. 

The bad news came and I was able to talk to my friend. We are going to stay in touch and connect later. It wasn't until I arrived at work that my feelings caught up with me. 

I told myself to just let go and cry. So I did. I cried until I didn't want to cry anymore. I'm sure I'll cry later too. Losing someone you love is not easy. Any cliche on earth can't make up for the fact that a loved one is gone forever. All that's left are memories. And pictures. And the funny things we remember about the ones who are gone. I'll treasure the joy. 

This loss was so big. I had to stop to cry. 

I also had to think, "how should I honor?" 

The answer will be shown in how I live my life. 

Making time for latte with a friend is a way to honor the one I lost.