She's a matriarch

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The cards she has been dealt were not always fair.

She made the best out of it unaware.
Out of poverty, she found provision.
Out of marriage, agape love.
Out of sickness, sustaining health.

When you see one, please know 
You can't keep a matriarch down. 
She may fall but she rises stronger.
She has a reason to live longer

Her descendants are her greatest treasure

She teaches as she sows
She corrects with the future in mind
She prophesies the course of destiny
Praying God will bring it to pass.

Don't put her in a box: she's a matriarch. 
The fears she once faced are now stories of faith.
We bless her with our ears 
To hear what's in her heart
We treasure her with presence 
We know when we are apart

We honor her with our lives
For we are an extension of her.