Because of COVID

Friday, July 2, 2021

I'm not sure if you pay attention to language like I do but everywhere I turn I hear "Because of COVID...." followed by a negative statement. 

This is very understandable. COVID interrupted our lives. It also took the lives of our loved ones. COVID took away previously known freedoms we no longer enjoy. It rearranged the way we lived our lives all over the globe.

Here is what I want to ask. What is something good that happened "Because of COVID..."?

You may not be ready to be that positive just yet. The good thing is that you don't have to be. I just want you to entertain the following idea: bad seasons can catapult us to good ones. 

To be catapulted is intense. You fiercely and forcibly move from one place to the other. What if, last season served to catapult you to a pleasant season in life?

It takes letting go of the hurt and pain of the past. 
It takes seeing yourself as worthy or being in a pleasant season. 
It takes reassessing your personal goals. 
It takes admitting that you are worthy of being joyfully content. 

I know you have what it takes. 

Much like yourself, I lost loved ones before, during and after COVID. I'm still sad about those losses. I often think, what kind of life my dearly departed would want me to live? The answer gives me a little hope each day. 

Each day, the sadness is not as suffocating. Their memories become brighter and happy again. None of this came until I cried all the tears and felt the pain of loss. 

Today, I am challenging you to ask as I've been asking myself: What is something good that happened "Because of COVID..."?