Summer Health Project Week 4

Friday, July 2, 2021

The road to my goal is filled with obstacles. That, I know well. What I didn't know is that if I condition myself to make it through these obstacles, I win. 

I can describe this past week as a challenging week. We worked long hours at work. When I work long hours, I get hungry and extra tired. Knowing this was the type of week ahead of me, I decided to condition myself to face this obstacle. The solution was to prep my food ahead of time. 

Last weekend I prepped three days of lunches and dinners and I took them to work along with some quality snacks. 

I challenged myself to actually eat the stuff I packed. There were days I thought about driving to the local bakery and eating something decadent. Then, I thought, the decadent dessert is not going to get me closer to my goal so Nope!

One day, I needed a little celebration and uplifting. I went out to lunch instead of eating what I took to work. I did choose a super healthy place (actually the local health food store). I chose a veggie-rich salad with hummus. It was great for my body and yes, it helped me get closer to my goal. 

This morning, I had a little more time in my hands so I decided to go for a run after I finished my CrossFit workout. It was so good for me and it helped me get closer to my goal. 

Looking at these stats below, you may think, boy she's not moving towards her goal fast enough. I'd agree with you it if wasn't for the obstacles I've faced. If it wasn't for the circumstances I face and my resolve to stay the course, I'd wish things were moving faster than they've been. 

While I wish weight loss was magical fast and simple, it is not. I am determined to stay the course, face each obstacle and learn from this journey. Thanks for reading. 

Here are the project stats*:

June 3 - 150. 2
June 10 - 147.6 
June 17 - 147.2
June 24 - 147.4
July 1 - 147.6 

*I'm using the WW workshop weight instead of the one I see at home.