Sunday Seven

Sunday, July 4, 2021

1. If I don't control my time, someone else will. I'm not militant with my time as much as I am purposeful. I unapologetically use it to advance my goals. I try to be timely. I try not to waste or disrespect someone else's time. I try not to be judgemental when people waste and disrespect my time. What I do is, put on better boundaries. I believe that time management is key to reaching our goals in life.

2. Growing intellectually is not an option. I read not to brag about it but to grow as a result of the reading. I read with my children. I encourage close friends to grow intellectually. I find joy in reading and studying. Reading helps me upgrade my content and skill set.

3. Recently, I read a good definition of what a close friend is. It says,
"A close friend is someone who…
… knows everything about you, yet totally accepts you; … will listen to your most heretical ideas without rejecting you; … and knows how to criticize you in a way you’ll listen." I have a lot of acquaintances and a few good friends. I am grateful to God for them. 4. "My disposition, not my circumstances determine my joy or misery." I've been telling the kids and myself a variation of this quote recently. My health coaches are also speaking a lot about this subject. Planning to have a good disposition works. Letting go of things we can't control is very wise. Joy gives us strength. 

5. 15 years ago I started a journey of learning how to manage stress. I've learned that stress doesn't go away (unless you die) so you must learn how to manage it. I've learned there are so many Godly tools to manage stress. I can stay this has been a worthy journey to take. 

6. I'm loving CrossFit and CrossFit is loving me. I'm excited to be challenged every time I show up to workout. I am thankful for the excellent coaches I have. I am also grateful for the kind friends who are always willing to help me out when I need help with workouts. They are very encouraging too.

7. I went to a major retailer and all the employees greeted me while I was there. I thought it was so weird because for 20 years, they really didn't speak. I'd say, some avoided speaking to me while I was there. It was like that friend from high school who never spoke to you but now that you're adults they keep inboxing you so you can buy into their latest pyramid scheme. I understand companies are losing money. I also understand that sometimes, companies change their customer service approach. This sudden change caught me off guard because when you haven't been genuine historically, it takes a while to get used to the new friendliness. I'd say, be nice all the time because it is a nice thing to do.